Michelle, Pryce, Me, Phillip & Paige - Oklahoma City, OK

What did you like? The hospitality was unbeatable. Everything was stellar and amazing. This was a spectacular stay, specifically: your beautiful home, your dogs and your kind hospitality.

What would you improve? Nothing as far as our group sees it.

Would you refer Corrales Suite Lodging? Yes!!

Review left on Airbnb.com:

Jeaninne was amazing! Her house is beautiful and in a wonderful little community right outside of Albuquerque. My friends and I expected to just crash for a couple of days like you normally do with airbnb but she went out of her way to make our stay special. She takes hospitality to another level. If you are looking for a wonderful place to just get away I highly recommend Jeaninne's place. Fair warning...you might leave with a new friend. Truly an amazing place to stay.

"When we arrived, I think we were just expecting a house with a couple of beds to crash on for the weekend. I don't think any of us expected to make a new friend. A new friend with as much life experience as all of us combined and an inspiring and contagious zest for life. We are so thankful for your hospitality and thankful that you took time out of your life to invest in ours during our time there." - Pryce

"Thank you, Jeaninne for your hospitality. Your home is beautiful and you let us treat it like our home for a couple of days. Thank you for being such a great host." - Paige

"Thank you so much, Jeaninne for letting us stay in your beautiful home! Your kindness and generosity made our weekend in ABQ amazing! Thank you again for everything! P.S. I love your dogs!" - Phillip

"Jeaninne, we did not know what to expect when we first arrived, but what we received (the hospitality, warmth, and offering of friendship) is something we will always remember. Thank you for making our trip full of fun and our stay feel like home." - Michelle